5 Recipes Using Spring Fruits and Veggies

When the trees begin to bud and color returns to the landscape, you know spring is here. Many fruits and vegetables are at their prime during spring, producing some of the most exciting flavors of the entire year. It’s always best to buy what is in season to get the freshest, and often most affordable, produce possible.

Whether you grow your own produce, visit the Farmer’s Market, or shop at your local grocery store, here are a few of our favorite recipes that use delicious fruits and greens currently available.

1)    Green Smoothie Love!

Drink your veggies fresh and whole in a green smoothie. We know you keep hearing about these miraculous smoothies. But they really are wonderful and easy to make. A natural energy boost that rivals a shot of espresso, green smoothies help you lose weight and boost your immune system. Kale and parsley are at their prime in some growing regions this time of year, so toss both into your blender for a healthy dose of vitamin E, K, B6 and folate. Recipe.

2)      Spring Salads Galore

Sure, you can buy bags of lettuce all year round called “spring mix,” but nothing compares to the fresh crunchy salad you find at the Famer’s Markets or in your gardens at this time of year. The combinations for a spring salad are limitless! Toss berries in with your fresh butter lettuce and add a bit of crunch with some toasted pecans. Keep it simple and make a lettuce salad with fresh chopped chives and lemon vinaigrette for a French vibe. The sky is the limit. Recipe.

3)      Fancy a Spring Picnic with Quiche?

Quiche is a favorite this time of year, especially for Easter brunch. It also makes a great meal on-the-go to take on a hike or picnic. There are numerous combinations of spring veggies and herbs that you can toss into a quiche. But the simplicity of a leek quiche is one of our favorites, especially since leeks are at their peak flavor in the spring. Throw in some extra parsley as an added vitamin boost. Try this delicious mushroom and leek quiche recipe. Recipe.

4)      Tabouli Temptation

Traditionally from the Arab world, tabouli is now found in many Lebanese restaurants. Tabouli, (or tabbouleh) is a vegetarian dish, and to many, a salad.  This fresh concoction is one of the best ways to use spring ready parsley. A refreshing blend of parsley, mint, tomatoes, lemons, bulghur wheat and olive oil, you can also use quinoa instead of bulghur wheat to get that added boost of clean protein. It’s great to make a large batch to keep in the fridge as it only gets better over time. If you’re growing your own food and have a property that boasts citrus trees, it’s possible your lemons are ready to be used in this dish, too. And to add to the greatness of this salad, it is naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals! Recipe.

5)      As Sweet as Strawberry Pie

You didn’t think this entire post was just about “healthy foods,” did you? A homemade strawberry pie sings to our hearts. Simple to make, it holds the nostalgia that only a homemade pie can produce. Strawberries have reached perfection at this time of year and while they are incredible by themselves, why not make a simple strawberry pie to share? Recipe.

Which spring inspired recipes are coming out of your kitchen at this time of year? We would love to know, share below!


Born in Australia, Ebony has been in Texas long enough to consider herself a Texan-Aussie. Ebony has been writing for magazines, newspapers, and blogs, for more than 10 years. When she's not writing she's building quilts, growing her own food, or camping with her family somewhere far from the sounds of the city.

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