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Energy Trends to Watch in 2017

Understanding the energy trends that consumers and business owners should monitor in the year ahead

There are a number of recent factors that might impact the energy landscape in 2017, including the U.S. presidential election, regulatory proceedings, and price volatility.

Hear from Direct Energy Business president John Schultz in the video below.

Here are some key nuggets from John’s talk:

On the Election’s Energy Impact 

Coal was a central issue in this year’s U.S. presidential election. However, cheap natural gas makes it unlikely that coal will regain a significant share in U.S. power generation. The election may have a more muted impact on the energy sector than some expected.

On Natural Gas and Power Prices 

There is likely to be continued volatility in natural gas prices, while power prices might move up slightly this year.

On Energy Choice and Innovation 

The promise of deregulation is threefold: better offerings, lower prices, and more innovation. Direct Energy Business has taken a leadership position in the industry with device-level energy monitoring, creative solar power optionsenergy efficiencydemand response, and more.

For a roundup of 2016’s biggest energy developments, watch this interview with Direct Energy Business president John Schultz


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