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Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Is your home ready for the broiling heat of summer? Spend a few hours before summer really settles in by following this list of simple, yet effective, ways to make your home more energy efficient. Not only will they keep your home cooler, but they’ll save your appliances from working overtime, lowering your electricity bill as a whole. Learn how to save on your home energy bill in the summer with these summer energy saving tips:

Energy Saving Tips for Summer | Direct Energy Blog

  1. Turn Up the Thermostat – Turn up your thermostat when you leave during the day while sleeping at night. Even a few degrees higher will reduce your energy usage.
  2. Replace Your Air Filters – Clogged air filters block airflow and reduce your AC’s blower fans ability to circulate the air properly, causing your AC to use more energy.
  3. Check Your Return Air Vents – Keep your return air vents clean and make sure they aren’t blocked by curtains or furniture so that air flow is not reduced.
  4. Inspect Your Outside Condenser Unit – Turn the system off and give the cooling fins a good clean. Also, make sure to clear fallen branches or weeds that may be blocking it.
  5. Install Curtains to Block Sunlight – Pay attention to the sun’s patterns across the house and consider installing insulated or thermal backed drapes to block out extra heat and sunlight.
  6. Get Your HVAC System Inspected – Call an HVAC expert to give your system a tune up. You want to be sure that your system can take the heat!
  7. Air Seal Your Home – Air sealing your home ensures that outside air can’t get in, and your cooler conditioned air can’t get out. Expanding foam and caulk are a few materials you can use to properly seal your home. Also, check the weatherstripping on doors and windows.Energy Saving Tips for Summer | Direct Energy Blog
  8. Add Insulation to Your Attic – Attic insulation works like a thermal shield.  The better insulation in your attic, the better your living areas are kept cool.
  9. HVAC Duct Sealing – Your system works best when air can flow unobstructed and without air leaking out. Sealing up your homes ductwork can increase its performance by 20 to 30 percent. It’s well worth your time!
  10. Replace Your Shower Head – Update your shower head with a low flow model. Doing so reduces both your water and energy usage from your water heater.
  11. Upgrade Your Exhaust Fan – Venting warm, moist air out of your home is important as it dissipates humidity, cutting your AC bill and preventing mold and mildew from forming.
  12. Switch to LED Light Bulbs – If you haven’t upgraded your light bulbs to LED, now is the time. They don’t produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs, and use far less energy.
  13.  Upgrade Your Landscaping – Consider planting a full canopy trees on the south side of your home to block sunlight from heating up those south-facing rooms. You can also carefully plant shade around your home’s air conditioner, increasing its efficiency by as much as 10%. 
  14. Check Your Ceiling Fan Direction – Make sure your ceiling fan is rotating in the direction that makes it blow downwards. In the summer you want it to spin counter-clockwise.
  15. Use your grill – Firing up the oven and using the burners will heat your home quickly. Make sure your grill outside has enough gas, and give it a good clean for some summertime cooking outdoors.

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