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Download Our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Gather the Food and Supplies Your Family Needs Before a Storm Arrives

When a hurricane, tornado, or major weather event is heading your way, the last thing on your mind is collecting what your family and home need once the storm has passed. That’s the whole point of being prepared – collecting these essentials in advance of actually needing them so you can focus on keeping your family safe. With Direct Energy’s Hurricane Preparedness Checklist, you now have a single resource to help you assemble exactly what you and your family will need to stay dry, fed, and protected in the event your normal life is disrupted by severe weather.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist from Direct Energy. Includes a list of Food and Supplies for Severe Weather.


Download this checklist easily by clicking the image and saving it to your smartphone or tablet as a pdf so you can view it even if the power is out in your area.

For more hurricane preparedness resources from Direct Energy, check out the Hurricane Prep section of the Direct Energy Blog and the Weather Readiness area of our Learning Center.

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