Direct Your Energy - Energy You Can Keep Up With

Direct Your Energy – Energy You Can Keep Up With

Direct Your Energy - Energy You Can Keep Up WithYou have a to-do list every day: Your son needs a new swimsuit. You have to pack for summer camp. Pick up the dry cleaning, fill up with gas, haircut, baseball practice, grocery store. Pay bills.

Paying your energy bill would be a lot easier if you actually understood your energy bill. At Direct Energy, we know you have a lot to keep up with. And we never want your energy bill to cause headaches. That’s why we have introduced Direct Your Energy – our custom insights portal that helps make your energy usage something you can understand, and something you can keep up with.

Breaking Down the Bars

You just received your energy charges. From that mysterious bar chart, you can see your usage went up. Or maybe down. Okay. Now what? Do you know why? Let’s break down the bars. Direct Your Energy offers a suite of handy energy insights, so that you can better inform your practices at home and be in the driver’s seat.

Usage Dashboard

A hub of your home’s energy usage, the usage dashboard provides a holistic view of your monthly energy usage, so you can make adjustments if you need to. It’s the snapshot you need to stay in control of your charges, and we bring it directly to your inbox with a weekly usage email.

Energy Insights Circuit

How much energy did your heating and air conditioning system use? How much energy did your fridge use? The  Our Energy Insights Circuit wheel breaks down your itemized home usage, and what that meant in terms of cost, and is completely personalized for your home.

Direct Your Energy - Energy You Can Keep Up WithHeat Map Calendar

See your energy usage from the perspective of a calendar that reflects your high and low usage days, as well as how each day may have impacted your bill.

Dynamic Usage Graph

View your energy usage against the temperature and more, over any amount of time you choose up to one year.

Predictive Weather Overlay

Direct Energy’s proprietary algorithm tool generates a weather report, and estimates your energy usage and possible charges based on rain or shine, hot hot heat, or a chill in the air.

Home Comparison

How does your usage compare to those similar to you? The Home Comparison tool generally reflects your home’s energy usage to that of homes like yours, with similar amenities and habits.

Usage Anomaly Alerts

If your energy usage has increased or decreased dramatically outside of the norm, you’ll get an alert. This way, you can make an adjustment if you so choose, and not have any surprises when it comes time to read your bill.

Log into your Online Account Manager, and find Direct Your Energy under the Usage & Insights tab. You’ll find more meaning behind your bill, and make sense of your energy usage. It’s just one way we can help you #LiveBrighter.


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    1. Pauline — If you feel you don’t need this e-mail communication from Direct Energy about your energy bill, you should be able to remove yourself from the mailing list by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the end of the e-mail.

  1. Why am i having to pay my bill so early in aug. My bill is always due later in the mo. Every since i been with this co. Now. Just because i moved. You have it schedule for a early due date. Just not right ! !!!!!!!

    1. Good morning, LM,

      I do apologize for the frustration with your billing due date. If you did just move, this change in due date could be because the utility company for your area reads your meter on a different schedule than your previous address. I recommend you calling Customer Service to speak with a representative for assistance with your billing concerns.

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