Debunking 8 Big Solar Energy Myths

Debunking 8 Big Solar Energy Myths

With so many myths about solar out there, let’s get to the truth.

At Direct Energy Solar, we talk to so many people who believe “facts” about solar that are just plain wrong. It’s understandable. Though solar has been around for decades, solar adoption is suddenly growing dramatically. In fact, 2014 was the biggest year for solar power , according to GTM Research.

So for many people – perhaps even for you! – solar is still new, which means the facts aren’t clear. Here are eight myths we regularly hear about solar energy, followed by the real solar truths you should know.

1) MYTH: Solar is only for the wealthy

Debunking 8 Big Solar Energy Myths
You don’t have to be like Bunny and Chip here to afford solar energy for your home.

TRUTH: Solar is affordable for almost any homeowner. Research from American Progress shows the majority of homeowners adopting solar have incomes in the $40K to $90K range.

There are three requirements.

  • You must own your home.
  • You must have a roof that gets sun.
  • You have to have good credit. (It doesn’t need to be fabulous. Just good.)

At Direct Energy Solar, we offer a variety of ways to get solar:

  1. You can lease your system, for as little as zero ($0) down! This means you have no cash outlay, and no cost for installation. Your new payment will be less than what you are paying now, from the very first day.
  2. Or you can buy your Direct Energy Solar system outright, using cash or, as many people do, a loan or home equity to finance the purchase at low interest rates.

The feeling you get when you see you’ve nearly eliminated your electrical bill – sometimes every single month – is pretty hard to beat. During some months, you might actually sell electricity back to your utility (depending upon the policies for your area).

2) MYTH: Switching to solar is a lot of hard work

Debunking 8 Big Solar Energy Myths
Seriously – we’ll take care of installation, rebates, and more!

TRUTH: Direct Energy Solar makes it easy. We design your system for you. We take care of all the permitting. We secure available government rebates for you. We handle construction and the connection to your local utility power grid.

Pretty much all you have to do is say yes, sign some paperwork, and sit back and watch the magic take place. The sun hits your roof, turns into electricity, and pays your electric bill for you. It’s kinda magical.

3) MYTH: There’s not enough sunlight in our state for solar

TRUTH: There’s enough sunlight just about anywhere.

Saskatchewan has enough sun.

Germany has enough sun.

There isn’t a state in the United States that doesn’t receive enough sun for solar.
Of course, you do have to have a sunny roof to benefit from solar, but a bit of shade is probably okay.)

4) MYTH: I can save on solar if I wait

TRUTH: Waiting could cost you more. One of the things making solar affordable is that the federal government and many state governments, encourage homeowners to save on electricity by providing rebates and tax incentives to go solar. Some of those rebates are limited and will decrease over time.

So when you wait, you risk losing some of the incentives making solar so easy to afford today. And besides, the sooner you get your Direct Energy Solar system, the sooner you start saving.

5) MYTH: Solar is a hassle to maintain

TRUTH: Nothing could be easier. Direct Energy Solar is dedicated to helping you get the most benefits out of your solar home. We gives you a performance guarantee stating that your system will generate power at promised levels. Or we pay you the difference.

Solar systems seldom break down and require little maintenance. And Direct Energy Solar monitors your system remotely to make sure nothing gets in the way of your system generating maximum power. When something happens, we will likely know about it before you do! We’re on it.

6) MYTH: Solar is only for environmentalists

Debunking 8 Big Solar Energy Myths
Yes, you can look at solar energy as an investment in renewable energy for a greener future, but you also look at it as a way to save “green” now.

TRUTH: The primary reason people get solar is to save money on electricity. The fact that solar causes no earth-harming emissions is a bonus. Who in the world could object to that?!?

This is one of the things we love at Direct Energy Solar. We’ll help you save money, month after month, for decades. And we do it with a clean footprint.

7) MYTH: Solar lowers the value of my home

Debunking 8 Big Solar Energy Myths
More homes – not fewer – will have solar panels installed in the not-so-distant future.

TRUTH: Solar increases the value of your home. But don’t take our word for it: take the word of appraisers and energy researchers. Having solar on your roof can raise your resale price and shorten your home’s time on the market, all because there is a power plant sitting up on the roof that your buyer can take advantage of immediately.

The new owners will also save money, as soon as they move in.

8) MYTH: Solar is not a good financial investment

TRUTH: Solar is an investment that pays you dividends every single month. In many states, an investment in solar produces a higher return than an investment in the S&P 500. But a solar investment is even better, because we guarantee its performance. You can’t get that from the financial markets!

It feels a bit like this: As your Direct Energy Solar system generates electricity, it’s generating money. Free money from the sun. Can’t beat that.

Take the Next Step — Find Out How Much You can Save

Debunking 8 Big Solar Energy Myths

Do a little exploring. Request your free consultation online or talk directly with a representative at 1-800-903-6130. We’ll measure the sunlight on your roof for free and give you a power production/savings estimate we stand by so you know exactly what you’ll be saving before you sign. We help you understand all of your options and make it easy to make a decision. It’s easy to implement because we handle the entire project for you!

Life is short. The time to start saving on electricity is now. Talk to a Direct Energy Solar rep right away and find out your best way to go solar. It’s a decision you’ll never, ever regret.


Acquired by Direct Energy as Astrum Solar in July 2014, the company was renamed Direct Energy Solar on April 1, 2015. Direct Energy Solar is a full-service solar provider, offering premier customer service to support your entire solar experience - before, during, and after your installation. We want our customers to enjoy the journey of going solar and not just the end results. So, we work hard to make sure the experience is turnkey, effortless, and worry-free.

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