Connected Bathroom – Direct Energy Smart Products Review

Connected Bathroom – Direct Energy Smart Products Review

Welcome to the Smart Products Review series, courtesy of Direct Energy. In this series, we’ll introduce you to the newest and best products in the connected home market, with a specific focus on introducing you to the right items to help you create your own smart home. While our recommendations aren’t specific endorsements of these products or companies, they do reflect what we feel are leading devices in the connected home space.

In the Bathroom

Connected Bathroom – Direct Energy Smart Products Review
It’s time to upgrade the look, feel, AND intelligence of your bathroom.

The bathroom isn’t the most obvious place in your house where smart home technology might reside. But that hasn’t stopped innovators from creating a range of smart products designed to help you create a top-notch connected home environment.

Wi-Fi Body Scale

Connected Bathroom – Direct Energy Smart Products Review
Track your weight loss achievements with a smart scale that connects with the fitness apps on your smartphone.

A Wi-Fi body scale would be a great health-conscious addition to modern smart bathroom. For example, Withings has created a wireless body scale that uploads readings automatically after each weigh-in to helping you track your weight. The scale comes with a free app to monitor your progress, set goals, and visualize weight trends.

It also recognizes each member of the family and associates the readings by user profile in the app. The scale measures BMI, heart rate, bathroom air quality and body fat too and can be monitored on the app or web dashboard. It also provides localized daily weather to get you started with your day.

Smart Lights with Speakers

We’ve previously discussed how smart lights are great addition to different rooms in the home, and bathroom is no exception. To combine entertainment with control, you can install the Pulse smart lights with speakers from Sengled so you listen to your favorite tunes while showering as a way to kickstart your day. The lights can be controlled from an app, and it’s easy to connect to the speakers using Bluetooth.

Smart Plugs

We recommend adding a smart plug to bathroom, as you can use it to monitor and control small electronics like hair dryer, hair straightener, or curling iron. Products like the WeMo Insight Switch from Belkin can monitor how much these devices cost you in terms of energy usage, and you can turn them off remotely if you accidentally left them on.

Smart Toilet

Connected Bathroom – Direct Energy Smart Products Review
Say goodbye to a boring toilet!

That’s right – you can actually purchase a smart toilet for your bathroom. These products offer many features that are both convenient and eco-friendly. They accomplish this by saving water with smaller flushes that use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush (a basic toilet uses around 1.6 gallons per flush). Smart toilets like this option from OVE Decors come integrated with bidets with option of warm water and air wash, and they also offer heated seating and automatic flush. Many smart toilets also have LED lighting to guide you in darkness during middle of the night, while others come with a remote control and self-cleaning option. Be forewarned: most smart toilers can be rather little pricey, and some require a power outlet to operate.

Water Leak Detectors

Installing a water leak detector in your bathroom can deliver peace of mind by alerting in case of any leaks or overflows. You can also monitor if your kids (or partner) left the water running. Water leak detectors from a company like Wally can help provide a complete security picture of the home.

Smart Shower Head

Connected Bathroom – Direct Energy Smart Products Review
With the latest in smart shower head technology, you can conserve water and track your savings!

With a smart shower head, you’re saving water (and money on your utility bills) and adding convenience to your morning routine. Products like Hydrao can connect to your phone using Bluetooth as a way to help you track water usage with an app. This includes learning how much water was used and tracking the habits of different family members. Water consumption can also be adjusted to help you achieve your water-saving goals. Some smart shower heads like the Evadrop can remember your preferred temperature settings and can also sense how far you are from shower head so it can adjust the water flow accordingly.

And many of these smart shower heads fits onto the standard shower and don’t need any batteries, as they use the water flowing through them to generate power to function.

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