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Learning to Navigate Your Online Account Manager: Part 1 – Account Management

Welcome to our instructional series on the new-and-improved Online Account Manager from Direct Energy. We’re really excited to help you navigate Online Account Manager, as we want to ensure that you understand how this portal can benefit you as both a Direct Energy customer and energy consumer. In Part 1, we’ll walk you through the “Account Management” tab, including material on renewals, plan switches, outages, and more! READ MORE

Announcing Support Green from Direct Energy: a New Way to Choose Renewable Energy

It’s good to be green in Texas these days. The Lone Star State continues to be a national leader in renewable energy generation; in fact, it’s the nation’s biggest producer of wind energy and biodiesel production, while the state continues expansion of its solar capacity. Also, when given the option, more and more Texans are choosing to use green energy to power their homes in greater numbers. Thus, with this increased interest in renewable energy, Direct Energy is excited to bring expanded energy choice to its Texas customers with Support Green! READ MORE

Free Power Days with Direct Energy: Another Reason to Love Weekends

Direct Energy is excited to introduce two new products to its customers: Free Power Saturday and Free Power Sunday! These innovative energy plans are available to residential customers with a smart meter in the Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) territory of Illinois and are designed to help eligible customers tailor electricity consumption around their busy schedules to potentially save on energy costs. READ MORE

We’ve Renovated! Introducing Direct Energy Online Account Manager 3.0!

Only 11 months ago, we announced the latest round of improvements to our Online Account Manager customer portal. Not content to rest on those laurels, Direct Energy is excited to introduce OAM 3.0! This recent slate of renovations represents a dramatic improvement to the customer experience, specifically in how you access the information in your account that’s most important to you. READ MORE

Take the Stress Out of Your Move with Moving Done Easy from Direct Energy

One call really can do it all! Here at Direct Energy, we’re excited to help you with your move – and we’re geared up to assist you with whatever you need with Moving Done Easy. From setting up your home Internet to finding moving trucks, the details can easily become overwhelming. We know that, so Direct Energy is offering you your own FREE Personal Move Assistant. What can your Personal Move Assistant do for you? READ MORE