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Get Energy Savvy with Reduce Your Use Insights from Direct Energy!

New-School Technology Makes for the Best Housewarming Gifts

Earlier this summer, we launched a fantastic program in your Online Account Manager we think you’ll love: Reduce Your Use Insights, our free online energy efficiency audit. The idea of offering such a helpful tool was birthed out of feedback we received from thousands of customers just like you – specifically, many of your requested tools to help better manage home energy consumption. READ MORE

Learning to Navigate Your Online Account Manager: Part 2 – Billing and Usage

Welcome back to our series on the new-and-improved Direct Energy Online Account Manager. In Part 1, we walked through the “Account Management” tab, discussing the different ways that you can use this innovative online portal to better manage your electricity account information. With Part 2, we will be investigating the “Billing and Payments” and “Usage and Insights” tabs so you can learn about paying bills, tracking your payments, monitoring your billing history, and interpreting your usage history to your advantage. READ MORE

Introducing Reduce Your Use Rewards from Direct Energy

It’s a rather obvious statement – the less energy you use, the lower your energy bill will be. However, during the heat of the Texas summer (or during that occasional freak winter storm), everyone starts using their HVAC system on full blast to keep their homes comfortable. And while this reaction is understandable, it also places LOTS of stress on the electricity grid, which can result in brownouts (and worse) from people attempting to draw more energy from the grid than actually exists. READ MORE