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How Do I Shop for Natural Gas in Ohio?

How to Shop for Natural Gas in Ohio

Shopping for natural gas in Ohio is easier than ever!

Ohio’s Natural Gas Customer Choice programs exist in the service areas of Ohio’s four largest gas utilities. You can purchase natural gas service for your home at the state-regulated rate from a Local Distribution Company (LDC), or you can sign up for service from a Competitive Retail Natural Gas Supplier (CRNGS) like Direct Energy. READ MORE

How to Protect Your Small Business from Energy Supplier Scams

How to Protect You and Your Small Business from Energy Scams

According to the Financial Fraud Research Center, between $40 and $50 billion is lost to fraud each year in the United States. Energy supplier scams targeting energy consumers make up a portion of those losses. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your small business from such schemes with these three simple and straightforward methods. READ MORE

How Do I Shop for Natural Gas in New York?

How Do I Shop for Natural Gas in New York?

Choosing a natural gas provider for your New York home that meets your family’s needs can be tricky. Choice availability, service areas, and pricing vary throughout the state. It’s crucial you take time to learn more about the plans, rates, special offers, and what to expect on your bill. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get muddled in the flood of information available online. READ MORE

Touch Base with Your Electricity Bill Using Direct Your Energy

Touching Base with Your Direct Energy Electricity Bill

Did you know that as a Direct Energy customer, you get access to our custom insights tool, Direct Your Energy? This tool personalizes your energy experience by providing you with insights into your home energy usage. You can see how much energy you used every day, and what that meant for your electricity bill, as well as which appliances in your home used the most energy. READ MORE