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Here at Direct Energy, we are Helping You Buy Less of What We Sell. This starts with helping you learn how energy works and then extends to giving you the tools you need to understand how you use energy in your home. And we'll give you a range of tips and ideas on how to become more energy efficient throughout your life!

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Energy Saving Tips for Summer | Direct Energy Blog

Is your home ready for the broiling heat of summer? Spend a few hours before summer really settles in by following this list of simple, yet effective, ways to make your home more energy efficient. Not only will they keep your home cooler, but they’ll save your appliances from working overtime, lowering your electricity bill as a whole. Learn how to save on your home energy bill in the summer with these summer energy saving tips: READ MORE

Why is My Electricity Bill So High in the Summer?

Why are your electric bills so high in the summer? There are several factors that can cause an unusually high electric bill: your bill could be inaccurate, the price of electricity could have increased or your electricity usage could be higher. READ MORE

4 Ways to Recycle Old Electronics and Appliances

4 Ways to Recycle Old Electronics and Appliances

If you just finished up your spring cleaning, chances are you found an electronic device or two that you can’t justify keeping around. It could be an outdated laptop that you’ve already replaced, or maybe an old kitchen appliance that finally broke down. In observance of Earth Day 2018, Direct Energy urges you to take a few minutes to give that old device a second life. READ MORE

How Much Can You Save By Adjusting Your Thermostat?

How Much Can You Save By Adjusting Your Thermostat? | Direct Energy Blog

Some of the best energy saving tactics are the ones that don’t require any sacrifice, like turning off the lights when you leave the room. But lighting doesn’t account for up to 48 percent of home energy consumption — heating and cooling does, according to the Department of Energy. So if you’re looking for a place to make painless cuts, start at your thermostat. And if you’re willing to throw on a sweater or turn on a fan once in a while, you could save even more. READ MORE

Top Weekend Energy Efficiency Projects, Part Two

Top Weekend Energy Efficiency Projects, Part Two | Direct Energy Blog

In spite of what Punxsutawney Phil says, spring really IS on its way. And at the risk of being even more controversial, it is TRUE that the days really are getting longer. That means until June 21, there’s going to be more and more daylight hours available for you to get some of those weekend energy efficiency projects done. But where to start? What are the best energy efficient projects for you home that actually reduce your energy usage and save you money? READ MORE