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France’s New Environmental Legislation: What It Means for the US

A new French law requires that all new buildings in commercial zones must be partially covered (50%) with either solar panels, or plants. The benefits are obvious. Solar panels generate electricity, plus roof-mounted panels also provide shading and help deflect the radiant heat. Plants provide cooling through shade and extra insulation, as well as preventing runoff and establishing wildlife friendly environments. READ MORE

Green Ideas for Apartment Living

Green Ideas for Apartment Living

If you are living in an apartment, let me first begin by saying that you are already on the winning side of being green.  As populations grow, as well as our appetites for large homes, those who opt for smaller dwellings are reducing their footprints in a number of ways.  All of this is a good thing, but when it comes to living green, renters often find themselves at a disadvantage to homeowners when it comes to choice and versatility with regard to green solutions; you simply cannot rip out the plumbing or attach your own solar array to the roof.  So what can you do?  Let’s look at a few ideas for increasing your green cred while operating under a lease. READ MORE

Green Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

Green Home Improvement Ideas For Spring

Springtime is upon us. If you are anything like the multitudes of Americans that loathe the idea of a spring cleaning, then perhaps you can trade the broom and mop for some good old DIY springtime home improvements that will not only add to your quality of life, but to your green cred, as well. READ MORE

Announcing Support Green from Direct Energy: a New Way to Choose Renewable Energy

It’s good to be green in Texas these days. The Lone Star State continues to be a national leader in renewable energy generation; in fact, it’s the nation’s biggest producer of wind energy and biodiesel production, while the state continues expansion of its solar capacity. Also, when given the option, more and more Texans are choosing to use green energy to power their homes in greater numbers. Thus, with this increased interest in renewable energy, Direct Energy is excited to bring expanded energy choice to its Texas customers with Support Green! READ MORE

3 Healthy Living Alternatives that Benefit the Environment

3 Healthy Living Alternatives that Benefit the Environment

Growing up in California, a healthier lifestyle was normally looked upon as, well, normal. Recycling was a big focus as well as conserving our natural resources – and this was “back in the day.” These principles haven’t changed since I was a kid, and in fact, they’ve intensified in many circles. Thus, I want to share with you 3 ways that healthy living can greatly benefit the environment. READ MORE

Happy Earth Day! Celebrate with 3 Tips for Simple Green Living

I welcome the conveniences of modern life, especially when our options are nearly limitless. But along with our endless options comes the ease of disposable items and becoming accustomed to the convenience that these items bring. However convenient these disposable items seem, they can lead to more waste. To celebrate Earth Day every day, try out these 3 helpful tips for simple green living. READ MORE