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Green Ideas for Your Outdoor Lighting

Green Ideas For Your Outdoor Lighting

Though my budget may not reflect it, I’m a total freak for lighting. Indoor, outdoor, you name it: I want great lighting. But great lighting is an energy suck, or at least it used to be. The latest and greatest advances in light bulbs and how we power them have given the greenest of lighting freaks a real chance to celebrate. Most web write ups on energy efficient lighting focus on what we do inside the house, but with the onset of summer, I thought we might take our discussion outside. READ MORE

France’s New Environmental Legislation: What It Means for the US

A new French law requires that all new buildings in commercial zones must be partially covered (50%) with either solar panels, or plants. The benefits are obvious. Solar panels generate electricity, plus roof-mounted panels also provide shading and help deflect the radiant heat. Plants provide cooling through shade and extra insulation, as well as preventing runoff and establishing wildlife friendly environments. READ MORE

Happy Earth Day! Celebrate with 3 Tips for Simple Green Living

I welcome the conveniences of modern life, especially when our options are nearly limitless. But along with our endless options comes the ease of disposable items and becoming accustomed to the convenience that these items bring. However convenient these disposable items seem, they can lead to more waste. To celebrate Earth Day every day, try out these 3 helpful tips for simple green living. READ MORE