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How Much Energy Comes from Wind in the U.S.?

How Much Energy Comes from Wind in the U.S.? | Direct Energy Blog

That breeze you feel blowing through your hair as you step out the door may be the same breeze that powers the lights in your home, heats your water or recharges your smartphone. Wind energy is a viable energy source, and it’s becoming more prevalent every single day. READ MORE

9 Ways to Reduce Water and Energy Usage in the Yard

As odd as this sounds, the yard is a natural place to start if you want a greener, more energy-efficient lifestyle. Adopt some of these organic and conservation-minded practices and your patch of land can use less water and chemicals while also helping you reduce your home energy usage. READ MORE

What is Composting?

What is Composting | Direct Energy Blog

Composting has increased in popularity over the past few years, as evidenced by products like countertop composting bins and stylish yard composters. It isn’t just a pastime for the seasoned gardener or farmer. Many people choose to compost as a way to not only keep their yard or garden healthy but also to reduce the amount of waste they throw out in the garbage each week. READ MORE