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6 Ways to Generate Green Energy at Home

Ways to Generate Green Energy at Home | Direct Energy Blog

The easiest way for most homeowners to reduce their utility bills is by cutting back on energy consumption through self-discipline and increased efficiency. But for those who have some time and money to invest, installing one or more green energy systems can yield bigger, longer-term savings while doing more to protect the environment. READ MORE

How to Recycle Light Bulbs

How to Recycle Light Bulbs: Incandescent, Fluorescent, & CFL | Direct Energy Blog

If you’re in the habit of tossing your burned out light bulbs in the trash, you might be making a mistake. There may be a recycling drop-off point right in your neighborhood, but more importantly, some light bulbs must be recycled for the good of the environment. READ MORE

4 Ways to Recycle Old Electronics and Appliances

4 Ways to Recycle Old Electronics and Appliances

If you just finished up your spring cleaning, chances are you found an electronic device or two that you can’t justify keeping around. It could be an outdated laptop that you’ve already replaced, or maybe an old kitchen appliance that finally broke down. In observance of Earth Day 2018, Direct Energy urges you to take a few minutes to give that old device a second life. READ MORE

How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint | Direct Energy Blog

How do you measure a carbon footprint? Your carbon footprint is not only measured by the sources for carbon and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) you are directly responsible for, such as car exhaust and whether you recycle. The truth is that it’s a LOT more complicated because you have to account for both the direct and indirect sources in order to better understand how big your carbon footprint really is. READ MORE

Top Three Wind Turbine Myths

Three Big Wind Turbine Myths | Direct Energy Blog

Welcome to the Energy Efficiency Myths series from Direct Energy! As many myths arise from incomplete knowledge, they can create seemingly possible answers that many people accept as fact. Each month, we will examine common misunderstandings about energy efficiency — whether it’s in your home or about the energy industry — and deliver real facts behind the myth (and how they they might be costing you money). READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Old Appliances

How to Get Rid of Old Appliances | Direct Energy Blog

When it comes time for you to replace your refrigerator, stove or any other household appliance, it’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time trying to decide on the specific features for your new one. But equally important is the question of how to dispose of your old unit in an environmentally responsible manner. READ MORE