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How to Care for Your Home’s Gas Systems After a Flood

How to Care for Your Home’s Gas Systems After a Flood | Direct Energy Blog

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane, tropical storm or storm surge often means coping with flooded roads, homes and communities. If your home has flooded after a storm, starting the recovery and rebuilding process can seem overwhelming. Dealing with your insurance company, removing all the flooring, drywall and sheetrock, deciding what to repair and what to replace –  the entire process can be a daunting and emotional one. READ MORE

Cleaning Up Debris After a Storm

Cleaning Up After a Storm | Direct Energy Blog

Many of us, especially those who were displaced during the storm, are anxious to start the cleanup process at home. Follow this guide for the best and safest ways to remove and discard debris. READ MORE

What’s the Weather Forecast for February 2017?

What's the Weather? February, 2017 | Direct Energy Blog

Possibly the biggest factor effecting your electric bill is the weather. It not only directly influences how much you use to heat or cool your home but also effects the demand, supply, and ultimately the price of energy on the wholesale markets. In our What’s the Weather? series, we’ll track weather forecasts and events to see how they impact your energy bills and how that information can help you save. READ MORE