How to Prepare Your Home for a Vacation

How to Prepare Your Home for a Vacation | Direct Energy Blog

Whether you love to leave on a whim, with only your passport, backpack and a sense of adventure, or you need to plan every detail of your upcoming vacation, there’s one big thing you don’t want to forget about: preparing your home for your trip. READ MORE

Power Outages: What Causes Them and How to Prepare for Them

It happens. Even in 2017 with all our modern technology, you’re still not safe from the occasional blackout. And while a power outage can be fun for a brief period of time, the longer the outage drags on, the higher tensions will rise in your home and the more dangerous the outage can be for your family and possessions. READ MORE

What Tools Do I Need on a Road Trip?

What Tools Do I Need on a Road Trip? | Direct Energy Blog

Though it might seem strange to your average traveler, there are some among us who feel a bit incomplete if they head out on a road trip (or even down the street!) without their favorite tools. Whether it’s the desire to be prepared for the unexpected, or simply to have some useful tools on hand in case we can help friends or family, we simply feel better having what’s needed in order to get the job done. READ MORE

How Can I Prepare My Child for Severe Weather?

Kids are curious, resilient, and often times much braver than we give them credit for, but they still look to parents for help and guidance when the world seems too big for them to handle. When that time arrives, instinct tells us to don our “Super Parent” cape for them to hide behind as we keep the tough stuff at bay. READ MORE

How Can I Help a Senior Citizen Prepare for a Weather Emergency?

Whether you live in parts of the country affected by hurricanes, or where snowfall impacts your electricity, weather emergencies can arrive quickly and without warning. Being prepared for emergencies before they happen can be the key to survival and safety, and in the event of displacement, they will keep everyone as comfortable as possible. READ MORE