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5 Items to Keep Unpacked when Packing Up Your Home

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed a productive moving season thus far. Direct Energy has spent the past few weeks sharing a host of ideas, tips, and recommendations designed to help you and your family have the best move possible. Moving is stressful, especially when you think about every facet of the moving process in one fell swoop, including packing the boxes, choosing a moving company, setting up your utilities, getting the moving truck loaded, and more! READ MORE

4 Easy Meals to Enjoy during the First Week in Your New Home

When moving day finally arrives, you’re so focused on the process of moving that you probably don’t even remember where you’re moving. You understand that somewhere in the future there will be chores like cleaning the house, setting up the beds and unpacking the boxes, but those chores can be accomplished in the days and weeks ahead. READ MORE

5 Items to Keep Unpacked when Packing Up Your Home

5 Items to Keep Unpacked when Packing Up Your Home

The big move is finally here, and no matter how much you’ve planned and prepared, the entire process is still a whirlwind. By the time you’ve almost finished packing your belongings, you will probably want to throw the last few items in a box and just be on your way. However, there are some items you should keep unpacked when packing your home, ranging from Moving Day necessities to items most moving companies won’t touch. Let’s check out the 5 most important ones. READ MORE

5 Tips for a Successful Move with Kids and Pets

Moving is often a stressful experience because it requires both mental labor to plan the move and physical labor to see it through to completion. But if you’re planning on moving with kids or pets, the experience can be even more stressful. Thankfully, you don’t need to fear the moving process because of these extra challenges. The following tips will help create a successful move that everyone – parents, kids, and pets – will enjoy. READ MORE

Take the Stress Out of Your Move with Moving Done Easy from Direct Energy

One call really can do it all! Here at Direct Energy, we’re excited to help you with your move – and we’re geared up to assist you with whatever you need with Moving Done Easy. From setting up your home Internet to finding moving trucks, the details can easily become overwhelming. We know that, so Direct Energy is offering you your own FREE Personal Move Assistant. What can your Personal Move Assistant do for you? READ MORE