Teaching Moments in Energy

Learning About Key Documents with Your Electricity Choice

Even with the advent of electricity deregulation in several states, not everyone understands the power that customers  have in terms of their electricity choice. So, if you’re thinking about selecting a new electricity provider or energy plan for your home, you need to understand the basics when it comes to choosing what’s right for you and your home. Now take a deep breath, center yourself, and focus. The first thing you should do is ignore the hype and hustle and get the real facts about the energy companies and plans that interest you. READ MORE

Why Can’t I Buy Incandescent Light Bulbs Any More?

If you were a fan of Looney Tunes when you were a kid (I still am), you may see some changes to these classic cartoons in the very near future. The iconic incandescent light bulbs that shine so prominently above a character’s head when they have an idea will now be replaced with energy efficient CFL or LED light bulbs. As of January 1, 2014, a ban on the production of incandescent light bulbs has gone into effect in the United States. READ MORE