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How Much Electricity Does a Stadium Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Stadium Use? | Direct Energy Blog

You can tell just by looking at the huge banks of floodlights and flashing video screens that stadiums use electricity on an industrial scale. There are also the sound systems, the comfortable club seating, luxury boxes, as well as kitchens for food and even air conditioning and heat for enclosed domed stadiums. You really can’t help but wonder, how much electricity does a stadium use? READ MORE

Technology Buzz December, 2017 — What’s Graphene?

Technology Buzz December 2017: Graphene | Direct Energy Blog

The Graphene Corner

What is Graphene?

Graphene is the lightest material known. Produced in single sheets, it’s composed of carbon atoms bonded together in honeycomb-shaped lattice that’s just one atom thick. Hyper conductive and 100 to 300 times stronger than steel, it’s also incredibly cheap. READ MORE

Technology Buzz – October 2017

Welcome to the October Technology Buzz! First, for the sake of Halloween, we’ll look at an experiment that generates electricity from human tears. Then, because electric cars are expected to play integral part in distributed energy resource networks, we’ll examine the factors swirling around recent developments in the electric car market and how coming changes that seemed so far away are really just right around the corner. READ MORE

Technology Buzz September, 2017

Technology Buzz September, 2017 | Direct Energy Blog

Welcome to the Tech Buzz for September! While the news has been busy reporting on the ravages of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, there’s been some other dire energy news stories that largely went unnoticed — the threat of hackers infiltrating the nation’s power grids and recent powerful geomagnetic storms caused by our own sun. As a consolation, some better news is on the horizon about those flammable cellphone batteries. READ MORE

The Technology Buzz -June, 2017

The Technology Buzz -June, 2017 | Direct Energy Blog

Welcome to the June Tech Buzz! This month, we’ll be looking at how batteries and energy storage are shaking up both industry and regulators, solar energy’s new milestone, and how mowing your lawn could fuel your trip to Bermuda. READ MORE

A History of the Air Conditioner

A History of the Air Conditioner | Direct Energy Blog

How did people stay cool before the air conditioner was invented? At the turn of the 20th century, it was perfectly normal to step outside and dunk your head in a public fountain. Or, if you lived on a farm or ranch, you might sleep on the porch or even on the front lawn. You certainly would think twice about living down south. It wasn’t easy, but back then, you just had to cope with the heat as best you could. READ MORE