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Your family is filled with the most important people in your life, so it makes sense that you want to enjoy quality time with them. In this section, we'll provide tips, advice, recipes, teaching moments, and more – all designed to entertain and educate your family about energy and energy-related topics. We’ll even help you travel in style!

How Much Electricity Does a Stadium Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Stadium Use? | Direct Energy Blog

You can tell just by looking at the huge banks of floodlights and flashing video screens that stadiums use electricity on an industrial scale. There are also the sound systems, the comfortable club seating, luxury boxes, as well as kitchens for food and even air conditioning and heat for enclosed domed stadiums. You really can’t help but wonder, how much electricity does a stadium use? READ MORE

How to Prepare Your Home for a Vacation

How to Prepare Your Home for a Vacation | Direct Energy Blog

Whether you love to leave on a whim, with only your passport, backpack and a sense of adventure, or you need to plan every detail of your upcoming vacation, there’s one big thing you don’t want to forget about: preparing your home for your trip. READ MORE

A History of the Air Conditioner

A History of the Air Conditioner | Direct Energy Blog

How did people stay cool before the air conditioner was invented? At the turn of the 20th century, it was perfectly normal to step outside and dunk your head in a public fountain. Or, if you lived on a farm or ranch, you might sleep on the porch or even on the front lawn. You certainly would think twice about living down south. It wasn’t easy, but back then, you just had to cope with the heat as best you could. READ MORE

9 Ways to Reduce Water and Energy Usage in the Yard

As odd as this sounds, the yard is a natural place to start if you want a greener, more energy-efficient lifestyle. Adopt some of these organic and conservation-minded practices and your patch of land can use less water and chemicals while also helping you reduce your home energy usage. READ MORE

What is Electricity Load?

What is electricity load? | Direct Energy Blog

Load is the amount of electricity on the grid at any given time, as it makes its journey from the power source to all the homes, businesses and industries within a utility’s territory. READ MORE