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Vernon Trollinger is a writer with a background in home improvement, electronics, fiction writing, and archaeology. He now writes about green energy technology, home energy efficiency, the natural gas industry, and the electrical grid.

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How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint | Direct Energy Blog

How do you measure a carbon footprint? Your carbon footprint is not only measured by the sources for carbon and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) you are directly responsible for, such as car exhaust and whether you recycle. The truth is that it’s a LOT more complicated because you have to account for both the direct and indirect sources in order to better understand how big your carbon footprint really is. READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Charge An Electric Car?

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car? | Direct Energy Blog

Electric vehicles (EVs) are steadily coming into their own on American roads. In 2017, EV’s were the 24th best selling car in the US, with 199,826 vehicles sold. With cars and transportation eating up a big chunk of your annual income, many folks want to know more about how much it costs to charge an electric car and what the costs are for a charging system. The numbers are really surprising. READ MORE

Weather Forecast for Spring 2018

Weather Forecast for Spring 2018 | Direct Energy

Will Spring Ever Arrive?

The winter weather of 2017-2018 has followed something of the classic La Niña effects on North America. Warm ridges over the North Pacific and in the southwestern U.S. contributed to the Polar Jet pushing low temperatures and storm tracks flowing from western Canada eastwards. The exception, however, is that colder air for the most part was pushed further east and south from November through January (ironically looking more like an ENSO-Neutral pattern as opposed to hanging out over the northern plains. Some folks in the Mid Atlantic states say they’ve had enough winter and they’re more than ready for some nice weather. READ MORE

Weekend Energy Efficiency Projects, Part One

In spite of what Punxsutawney Phil says, spring really IS on its way. And at the risk of being even more controversial, it is TRUE that the days really are getting longer. That means until June 21, there’s going to be more and more daylight hours available for you to get some of those weekend energy efficiency projects done. But where to start? What are the best energy efficiency projects for you home that actually reduce your energy usage and save you money? READ MORE

How Much Electricity Does a Stadium Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Stadium Use? | Direct Energy Blog

You can tell just by looking at the huge banks of floodlights and flashing video screens that stadiums use electricity on an industrial scale. There are also the sound systems, the comfortable club seating, luxury boxes, as well as kitchens for food and even air conditioning and heat for enclosed domed stadiums. You really can’t help but wonder, how much electricity does a stadium use? READ MORE

Winter Heating & Electrical Safety Checklist

Winter Heating & Electrical Safety Checklist | Direct Energy Blog

While holiday lights might be now be safely packed away, wintertime cold remains. With many homeowners relying on space heaters and other kinds of electric heating devices to make their homes comfortable, it’s important to state alert to problems with these that can result in injury or even tragic house fires. To help you safely enjoy being comfortable this winter, we’ve put together our Electrical Safety Checklist For Winter. READ MORE