Improve Your World by Celebrating America Recycles Day!

Celebrate America Recycles Day with Direct EnergyIn 1960, the average American generated 2.68 pounds of trash per day. By 2012, that amount increased to 4.38 pounds. Sounds depressing? Well, the good news is that a little over 1/3 of that trash was recycled. Even though more and more Americans are recycling, over 53% of all municipal solid waste is still being sent to landfills instead of getting recycled.

How can you help? Celebrate America Recycles Day on November 15th with Direct Energy!

America Recycles Day is sponsored by Keep America Beautiful (KAB), a non-profit organization committed to creating and promoting environmentally healthy and economically sound neighborhoods. For over 60 years, KAB has accomplished this through the creation of programs that encourage litter control and recycling. America Recycles Day is a day to organize, teach, learn, and…well, recycle usable items that otherwise would be buried in a landfill. This includes stuff like plastic containers, glass bottles, newspapers, office paper, metal cans, and even home electronics.Improve Your World by Celebrating America Recycles Day!

The best way you can help is by getting involved. Maybe you’re an obsessive recycler who’s proud of your recycling chops. Or maybe your on-the-go schedule keeps you from learning where to start. Or perhaps you’re someone who wants to get involved with helping your community solve its growing — and costly — waste-stream problem. Well, this year, there are over 900 local recycling awareness events scheduled throughout the US, including everything from recycling clothes to Best Recycling Contests to recycling events at grade schools and universities.

Recycling is making a difference. In 2012, Americans made about 251 million tons of trash, and 87 million tons (1/3) was recycled. Recycling is not just for the home — it’s also an important means to influence the cost of doing business. Recycling saves energy, reduces the growing impacts of materials scarcity, reduces costs, and keeps our air and water cleaner.

Don’t waste your trash: make it part of the solution. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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