6 Spring Break Crafts for Families on a Budget

For many families, Spring Break is a big time for travel. However, between the cost of airfare, hotel accommodations, activities, and other travel expenses, traveling is not always an option for families on a budget. Rather than your kids hanging around the house all Spring Break zoning out watching television, check out these six spring break crafts! They’ll keep your kids occupied without breaking the bank.

1) Stained glass picture. This is such a cool craft and it only requires only two supplies, which are sharpie markers and cheap white paper on a roll typically found at toy stores (or butcher paper). Then let your little artists color till their hearts are content, and hang their project either on a window or wall.

2) DIY Bubble Lava Lamp. This bubbly lava lamp is a new take on an oldie but a goodie room accessory. It can be the perfect touch to a kid’s room, plus they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they made it themselves.  Click here for directions on how to make this bubbly lava lamp.

3) Homemade soft and stretchy play-dough. With this recipe your kids can make the softest, stretchiest play-dough ever! Plus, it only takes two ingredients found around the house, which makes it super-easy to make. All you need is hair conditioner and corn starch. Feel free to add glitter or food coloring to enhance the fun! Click here for directions.

4) DIY Kool-Aid Lip Gloss. This is perfect for the little divas in your household who are always trying to “borrow” your lipstick. Now they can make some themselves, and best of all, it only requires two ingredients: Vaseline and Kool-Aid. Note: Coconut oil can be used in place of Vaseline, and if the lip gloss tastes a bit tart, then add about a teaspoon of sugar for some sweetness. Click here for directions.

5) Homemade Kinetic Sand. Most in-store kinetic sand products sell for $20 but now kids can make their own sand at home for only $.50 for 10 pounds. For those who don’t know what kinetic sand is, it sticks to itself and not your hands. Plus, it never dries out. Kids can pack it, pull it, and shape it which results in constant fun. Click here for directions.

6) Soda Can Tab Bracelet. This may take a little while to collect enough soda tabs, but is like a cute idea with proper planning. Have your budding jeweler string a ribbon through the soda tabs and connect with the remaining ribbon. See picture below.

Staying at home during Spring Break doesn’t have to be boring! With these 6 crafts your kids can have fun all week, and you don’t have to worry about over-extending your finances!

What ideas do you have for Spring Break activities on a budget?

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