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6 Eco-Friendly Tips for a Fun Summer Pool Party

Planning a pool party is one of the quintessential moments of any great summer. But how can you keep it green while still getting your groove on? Let’s look at a few ideas on how to make a rockin’ summer pool party that your guests and Mother Nature will enjoy.

1) The Invitations

You have to get people to the party in order for there to be a party. In the digital age, there’s no reason to use paper invites – unless you enjoy being fancy. Instead, use e-mail or set up an event on Facebook. Not only will you save a few trees, you can keep your guests up to date on the details with ease.

2) The Decor

Gone are the days when you need to focus upon elaborate (and disposable) decorations. These days, it’s all about having the right people and the best music to set the ambiance with what you already have around the home. Stage cozy seating areas and larger mingling areas with decorations from your home. Load up your smartphone with music to fit the mood and play it over your home stereo or some handy (and affordable) portable speakers.

3) The Eating

Real dinnerware beats paper plates hands down, both for their green appeal and in a strictly practical sense. That being said, using the “good china” is out of bounds around the pool. If you frequently throw summer parties, purchase heavy duty plastic dinnerware that can be reused for many summers to come. For example, the “Everyday Plate” series from Preserve is made from 100% recycled materials and is BPA- and melamine-free. But if you need to go disposable, simply purchase biodegradable options and dispose of them properly.

4) The Grub

When it comes to the actual food, plan your party just as you would plan any dinner: with locally sourced, eco-friendly options. Impress your friends with free-range chicken, cook up some homemade falafel, and grill up in-season veggies from your favorite farmers market. While you’ll probably have a few bowls of chips and dip, let the green food be the star.

5) The Lighting

If your party is during the day, you’ve got this part covered by the Sun. But if you’re letting your party roll on into the evening, ditch the conventional and light up the night in a tasteful and efficient way. Use LED string lights to save energy while creating some truly excellent ambiance for your guests. Opt for votive candles in order to set a warm scene ready for evening conversation, and light up the area with solar-powered path, spot, and accent lights.

6) The Fun

Don’t get uptight about making your party the greenest event ever. If you’re an ambassador of green living, the best way to convince others is to show them that an eco-friendly pool part is easy, fun, and practical. You can also show off how you conduct eco-friendly and energy efficient pool maintenance (since pools can be energy wasters in the wrong hands). Saving the planet is going to take all of us and the best way to encourage others is to show them how effortless it is to incorporate these changes into everyday life.

Now you’re ready to host an epic and green summer pool party. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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