6 DIY Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful time of year, particularly with the changing leaves and cooler weather. It also puts people in the spirit to decorate. If you are in the mood to spruce up your home for Thanksgiving, but are concerned about the cost, here are six DIY decorating ideas that won’t break the bank.


1) Decorative Vases

This DIY decoration is festive, cheap, and easy to make. Gather some acorns or hazelnuts (or purchase if necessary) and place in a vase or votive. Place a candle on top, and that’s it! Depending on look you want, a tall vase can be used as a centerpiece, or a smaller votive can be used as accent décor.


2) Mirrored pumpkins

Spray plastic pumpkins with looking glass spray for a chic and festive decoration. According to “Inspiration for Home,” spray the pumpkins with metallic spray first and then seal with a clear spray  for the best look.

DE - diy thanks vellum3) Glowing Vases

Another DIY decoration using a vase or a votive, this one uses vellum paper (paper typically used in scrapbooks). Cut out long strips of vellum paper and wrap the strips around a tall vase or votive. Light a candle inside the vase, and it will produce a beautiful orange glow to accent your home.

DE - diy thanks gold pumpkin4) Gold pumpkin name cards

Glam up the dinner table with these pretty golden pumpkin place cards. They are easy to create and make a huge statement on the dinner table. Spray the pumpkins with gold spray and attach a name card with the name of each guest (written in gold) with some string. It’s simple yet chic!

DE - diy thanks tree5) Make a Thankful Tree

This DIY decoration is not only a festive and meaningful centerpiece, it’s also a great activity that gets your guests involved in the holiday. Gather some sticks and assemble them into a vase to create a tree. Then cut out circles of decorative paper and punch a hole in each to hang on the “tree limbs.” You can either set the circles to the side of the tree and ask your guests to fill out what they are thankful for, or your family can fill them out beforehand to use as a decoration and conversation starter.


6) Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This DIY centerpiece is incredibly easy with only four steps to create it. Plus, most of the items can be found around the home. First, find a container of some sort whether it’s made of wood or metal. Then find a filler like some fall garland, or if you don’t have garland, gather up some leaves and twigs from outside. Next is to add some decorative items – the picture to the right uses pumpkins, but you can add gourds, colorful Indian corn, or anything else you feel would work for Thanksgiving. Lastly, add some candles. Mason jars work perfect as candle holders and protects the centerpiece from an open flame.

Happy DIY Decorating this Thanksgiving!

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