5 No-Energy Indoor Games Perfect for Winter Break

5 No-Energy Indoor Games Perfect for Winter Break

The buzz of the holiday season tends to get kids through the first week of winter break without any problems, but the second week tends to hit the hardest. The excitement of the season has officially worn off, and kids are quick to get bored after having so much to do the week before.

5 No-Energy Indoor Games Perfect for Winter Break
Because this is NOT the scene you want to see on your couch for the entire winter break.

This is where these 5 indoor games come into play. They will keep kids entertained, and they don’t require any energy usage, which is a big plus after all the money spent during the holidays.

1) Arts & Crafts

Thought they may not be exactly games, arts & crafts can be the perfect activity to keep your kids occupied – at least for a little while. Hit up places like your local dollar store or any post-Christmas deals happening in craft stores to find some cheap and entertaining activity options.

2) Board Games

5 No-Energy Indoor Games Perfect for Winter Break
Few things bind a family together like playing a classic board game or two.

Bring the family together with the classic family game night (or day). Let each person pick their favorite board game, and the family can take turns playing until you go through them all. It’s a fun way to get everyone together for some low-stress fun. Some personal favorite board games for my family are Candy Land, Cootie, and Yahtzee.

3) Hide-and-Seek

There is nothing like some good ole’ fashion hide-and-seek for children around 3-7 years old. They love it, and the game can actually keep them occupied for quite some time. Best of all, it costs nothing to play, and if you have enough kids in the house, they can play by themselves leaving you with some much needed “me” time.

4) Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to get your kids up and moving rather than sitting on the couch stagnate. Just type in “indoor kids scavenger hunts” on your favorite search engine, and you’ll find plenty of options and twists on this classic activity.

And since you probably still have lots of holiday goodies around the house, you can entice your little scavengers with a sweet treat of some kind for the winner of the hunt.

5) Snow-Less Snowball Fight

5 No-Energy Indoor Games Perfect for Winter Break
Not everyone gets to enjoy an crisp winter afternoon playing in fresh snowfall.

For many of us, we only experience winter snowball fights by watching movies. Don’t let the snow-less blues get you down – create your own snowball fight snow-free by using paper and tape!

Crumple up sheets of paper or newspaper into balls and tape them to keep their shape. Once enough “snowballs” have been made, it’s go time! Divvy them up evenly among your kids or put them in a big pile in the middle of the room and go crazy until you either run out of snowballs or energy (whichever comes first).

How do you entertain your kids throughout winter break? Share your favorite stay-at-home activities and indoor games that help you lower your energy usage and save money in the comments!

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