5 Fun Crafts Your Kids can Make for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend – June 15th! We spend the day honoring all of the father figures in our life. Traditionally, many dads may receive ties or coffee mugs for gifts. You may also treat them to a day in front of the TV or take them out fishing. Of course, our children also enjoy making gifts for their dads, and they are so proud of their hard work!  Here are a few fun crafts that will help your children make this Father’s Day special.

5 Fun Crafts Your Kids can Make for Father's Day
Canvas Hand Prints

CANVAS HANDPRINTS – I really like this simple gift because it is colorful, personal, and fun! You can usually find canvas available at most craft stores, many of which regularly offer 20-40% off coupons. This gift is easy to customize. You can change the size of the canvas to accommodate your family. You could even paint on their names or use a marker to let them “sign” their artwork. The best parts of this gift idea – it takes very little time at all, requires limited special preparations, and if you can do this the day before Father’s Day, it will be ready to give to him the next morning! Hurray for last minute gifts!

5 Fun Crafts Your Kids can Make for Father's Day
Nuts & Bolts Photo Frame

NUTS & BOLTS PHOTO FRAME – This fun craft will be perfect for any dad who spends time hanging out in the garage working with tools for fun or for work! Although it is a simple craft, the glue required to attach the nuts, bolts, & washers will need adult supervision. You can find all the necessary materials at your local hardware store. If you don’t have access to paint chips, construction paper will also work.

5 Fun Crafts Your Kids can Make for Father's Day
Popsicle Stick Photo Art

POPSICLE STICK PHOTO PUZZLE – This craft will be fun for your children to prepare. They can help pick out their favorite photo, line up the Popsicle sticks, and glue the photo in place. Before you cut the photo, you may also want to add a message on the back of the sticks in marker. Of course, they may need to test out the puzzle to assure it’s ready to go before you give it to Dad! Then, later they will also need to help Dad put the puzzle back together, just in case he has any difficulties. Looking for a great photo to turn into a puzzle?

5 Fun Crafts Your Kids can Make for Father's Day
Book Collage for Dad

DIY BOOK FOR DAD – Eighteen25 has this great FREE printable to make a special book just for Dad (and Grandpa!). She suggests removing the photo pages from the album and using washi tape for binding. However, I think that you could just leave the photo album intact and replace the card stock covers with the printables. They should slide right in under the plastic cover. Then you can add special photos of Dad in the rest of the album! Check out this fun interview idea – question your child about their dad and include their answers in the book.


5 Fun Crafts Your Kids can Make for Father's Day
Dad Coffee Cozy

COFFEE COZY – This personalized coffee cozy is perfect for the dad who loves to drink coffee or tea. Your older children can take pride in their handiwork with a great gift that their dad can use over and over again. You can pick up wool felt and embroidery floss at a local craft store. This is also a great opportunity to upcycle an old wool blanket or sweater. After your kids are finished with the embroidery, you can slip the cozy over a new coffee mug for dad and fill it with various things: coffee or tea (of course!), candy, a gift card to his favorite coffee shop, a special poem, or letter, or anything else that might fit inside!

What sort of fun crafts will you and your children create this Father’s Day?

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