4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Inside and Busy When It’s Cold Outside

Cities all over the U.S. are being hit with freezing cold temperatures this winter – including rain, snow and ice. These extreme cold weather days make it hard to do anything outside, which is especially difficult for those with children at home. As any parent knows, children tend to get antsy and then ultimately turn destructive or into TV vegetables just after a few hours of being kept inside. So for the remaining cold weather days this winter, try these 4 tips for keeping your kids inside and busy when it’s cold outside.

1) Play Ball Inside

Yes, moms – I said play ball inside. Before you think I have lost my mind, try this altered version of paddle ball. The kids can start out by making their own “paddles” by attaching paper plates to over-sized Popsicle sticks. Then they can blow up a balloon that can be used as the ball and then it’s “Game On!” They can each take turns hitting the ball back and forth, and nothing (usually!) should get broken.

2) Build a Fort

Who didn’t love creating a blanket or pillow fort growing up? So why not take it old school and have your kids create their own fort. It’s a simple activity that doesn’t involve technology (yes!) and can give them the opportunity to use their creativity and imagination. To get them started, a good idea to build a fort is by using the back side of the couch and then anchoring it with the backs of some dining room or living room chairs. Then add some sheets or blankets on the top and let them design the rest.

3) Indoor Scavenger Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get kids off the couch and up and moving. Scavenger hunts add a sense of competition, which turns any normal event into something exciting. Several spots online provide different types of scavenger hunts created based on age, theme, and number of kids playing, plus tips to help you create your own scavenger hunt. For example, mykidsadventures.com provides 10 printable scavenger hunt sheets with varying themes that are fun for kids of different ages.

4) Make Edible Jewelry

Gather any cereals you may have with holes in them like Cheerios or Fruit Loops and then have your child separate them into groups by color. Once she is done, have her string the cereal to create edible necklaces and bracelets. They can even be made for friends and family depending on how much time you need to burn.

Sure, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t be warm and active all winter! We hope these 4 tips will bring some enjoyment and festivities to your home.

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