4 Tips for Eating Organic on a Tight Budget – Holiday Edition

Eating organic foods can be a great thing for your body. When you’re eating organic, you’re eating food free of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and other chemicals, which definitely sounds like a positive. The problem however, is the price tag attached to this healthy way of eating. While there are expenses throughout the year, the holidays inevitably bring higher expenses thus making the budget to eat organic food a bit tighter.  So if you are faced with this dilemma, here are 4 tips for eating organic on a tight budget during the holidays.

1) The Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

The Dirty Dozen is comprised of 12 produce items with high amounts of pesticides and other chemicals and are highly recommended to buy organic. Alternately, the Clean 15 lists produce items with little to no trace of pesticides that makes buying organic unnecessary. So knowing this, you can apply it to hosting a party or attending one. Unless you know your host is serving organic food, consider avoiding the “Dirty Dozen” to avoid the harmful chemicals and embrace the Clean 15.

According to blog.honest.com, “Just going organic with the ‘Dirty Dozen’ can reduce your family’s pesticide exposure by 90 percent. The same also applies if hosting a party. Don’t blow your budget by buying everything organic. Target what has the most impact which is buying organic for the Dirty Dozen and buying non-organic for any of the Clean 15. Click here for the EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce.

2) Buy in Organic Bulk

When hosting a holiday party, buy organic items in bulk when possible. In many larger chain grocery stores, there’s a “natural foods” section which usually includes a bulk section. Buying in bulk can help you save money, and the leftovers can possibly be used for other meals.

3) Shop Farmers Markets

If you cannot find an organic option for key holiday ingredients at your grocery store, visit your local farmers market. Not only should it be cheaper, you can even talk with the farmer himself. Be sure to ask if the item is organic before buying – just because food is sold there doesn’t make it organic.

4) Shop Online

If you can’t find that certain organic item you’re looking for or if there aren’t any organic farms near you, then turn to the internet. There are various online stores offering holiday-specific organic items along with holiday food recipes. You may be able to find exactly what you are looking for there and with it being the holiday season, you may even get free shipping or additional online deals too! According to foodmatters.tv, a good place to start is GreenPeople directory from the Organic Consumer Association. It’s where you can search for affordable organic foods sold online.

Even with the increase in unhealthy holiday dining options, you and your family can use these tips to continue eating organic this month! If you have any suggestions for your fellow readers, please share them in the comments!

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