4 New Year’s Resolutions for Improving Your Health

After all the holiday festivities and sheer lack of time (or motivation) to work out, you may find yourself a few pounds heavier starting out the New Year. If that is the case, then now is the perfect time to make some New Year’s Resolutions geared towards becoming healthy, getting in shape, and actually following through this year! So here are 4 New Year’s resolutions for improving your health.

#1: Establish a new outlook for the New Year.

For those who don’t have the most positive outlook on exercise and eating healthy (guilty), this New Year’s resolution is for you. I’ve seen it with myself and people around me: we start out motivated to eat healthy and exercise to lose a desired amount of weight and then we end up getting burnt out, or once we hit our goal we’re done. We need to change our outlook and adopt the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle for the long haul rather than something we do for a month or so from time-to-time. This shift in perspective can make living a healthy life easier and our bodies will thank us for it.

#2: Incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Once you’ve changed your outlook on exercising, it’s time to practice what you preach and incorporate it into your daily life. Implementing 30 -60 minutes of cardio at least three days a week to your schedule will not only give you more energy, but will leave you feeling great from natural endorphins. In addition, simple tasks like taking the stairs rather than the elevator or running to your mailbox rather than driving are helpful ways to incorporate some exercise into your normal routine.

#3: Say no to fad diets. 

One of the easiest ways to get burned out on trying to get healthy is to focus on losing weight by following a fad diet. While a few fad diets may help you to lose weight in the beginning they can be harder or unhealthy to follow as a way to maintain weight loss. Redirect your efforts to eating balanced and nutritious meals along with plenty of exercise and water. Doing so provides a better chance at losing weight and being healthy for the long haul.

#4: Eat out less and cook more.

It’s no secret that many restaurants use large amounts of butter, salt, and oil to make their food taste so good. High amounts of these aren’t good for our bodies on a constant basis. So make the resolution this year to cook more at home using healthy recipes and eat out at restaurants less. I understand that our days are busy and getting take-out is much easier; however, in the long term, this costs more and is unhealthy. Several websites (for example, foodnetwork.com and foodandwine.com) provide healthy and easy weeknight recipes to help make this happen.

Do you have any recommendations or New Year’s Resolutions for improving your health in 2015? Share them in the comments! We want this year to be successful for everyone!

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