Be Festive and Thrifty with Our 4 Ideas for Light-less Holiday Decorations

Much to my enjoyment, the holiday season has finally arrived, which means it’s time to break out the holiday decorations! While twinkling white lights are typical for holiday decorations, they can get expensive keeping them on all season long or just plain aggravating to plug and unplug them each day.

This year, save the hassle and some money by skipping the tangle of light strings and busted bulbs. Instead, try these four holiday decorating ideas that exude holiday spirit without stringing up any lights.

1) Garland

Strands of garland make for beautiful and classic holiday decor, and there are two primary options when it comes to using the stuff.

Be Festive and Thrifty with Our 4 Ideas for Light-less Holiday Decorations
Creating the strands of garland makes for a fun family holiday project!
  1. For your mantel or table centerpiece, make the garland yourself out of fallen pine branches. Wrap them in pretty red ribbon to bind the branches together and add accents of pine cones and holly berries for a pop of color.
  2. If you’re not the DIY crafty type, strands of garland can be purchased at most arts and crafts stores.

If purchasing garland is out of your budget, buy them after the holidays when stores will highly discount them, and you can use them next year.

2) Cranberries

Cranberries seem to add a pretty touch to any fall or winter decorations. Some easy yet effective uses for cranberries include pairing them with candles and flower arrangements.

  • For candles, pour in a bag or two of cranberries to fill about half to 3/4 full in a clear vase, then set a candle on top and viola’ – instant holiday appeal.
  • With your floral arrangement, combine cranberries and water in a clear vase to  be 3/4 full and then add the flowers. I prefer using white flowers to create a blend of holiday colors. Just be sure to change out the water often and replace the cranberries once they turn soft.

3) Wreathes

Wreathes are vintage holiday decorations. Hang one outside on your front door or above your fireplace mantel.

Wreathes can be made from real pine branches down to sheets of paper. It just depends on your style, crafting skills, time, and budget. They’re also easy items to purchase for use next year, as stores have them majorly discounted after the holidays.

4) Ornaments

Be Festive and Thrifty with Our 4 Ideas for Light-less Holiday Decorations
Look at this vase of ornaments – it’s easy, fun, and festive. Who needs strings of lights everywhere sucking up all that electricity?

Start with any remaining ornaments that didn’t make the tree. You could also purchase inexpensive ones at a local “dollar store.” Either way, decorating more than your tree with ornaments make for perfect holiday accents.

  • The size of the ornaments dictate how they’ll be displayed. I recommend starting with a large hurricane vase (or other large clear vase) and simply filling with ornaments. Make sure the ornaments complement the color scheme you’ve created for your holiday décor.
  • If you don’t have any large vases or hurricanes, then use a large lantern. Take it up a notch by painting the lantern a festive holiday color like white, red, or gold before you fill it with ornaments.

Sure, we still love a batch of twinkling lights when appropriate, but you can still indulge in beautiful holiday decorations without using them.

Do you have any ideas for going light-less this holiday season? Share with us in the comments!

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