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4 Family-Friendly Spring Break Staycation Ideas

It’s that time of year when we have emerged from the cold winter slumber, and are welcoming those springtime rays of sunshine. The world reemerges with color, and we follow suit like the trees and the flowers, finding more energy than we had in previous months.

Spring break is a break for all, not just the kids. It’s a time when we can come together as a family before the long break and heat of summer arrive, to restore, revitalize, and make memories.

Family vacations are an obvious go-to for spring break, but what about some ideas that keep you and yours close to home and away from the spring break crowds?

These spring break staycation ideas will nurture your family and give you quality time together, free from television, screen time, and the normal rush of the typical week.

4 Family-Friendly Spring Break Staycation Ideas | Direct Energy Blog

1. Build a Garden

Consider dedicating the full time frame of your spring break staycation to building a garden.

The first day could consist of planning and talking about what sort of garden the family wants to have. Will it be a butterfly garden, an herb garden, a vegetable garden, or a fruit orchard? Perhaps you want to grow a cactus garden, or something that is solely native.

Spend the next few days planning your plot and check out what the light requirements are. You might need to trim a few tree branches to give the space proper sunshine.

Also use the time to dig and amend the soil if need be. Remove any weeds, and add some fresh soil. Add something that will lead to aeration in the soil such as hay or sugar cane mulch, too. Compost is also great for a new garden bed and gives the soil the nutrients and minerals it needs to grow healthy plants.

Spend day 3 and 4 planting the seedlings or seeds. If you are planting natives, then head to the local nursery and pick those out. Strategically plant them, being conscious as to how tall each one grows and plant accordingly. Water them in well, and if something is tall and hanging, then add a stake to keep it held upright.

On the final days of gardening, perhaps you can have a tea party beside it! Make some bunting to hang up, or paint some rocks to add to your garden as you watch it grow and change over time.

2. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Choose a day during spring break to do something you’ve never done together.

How about going to see a live theater production? Or attending a yoga class together as a group? Is there a sky diving company near you, or the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon?

What about taking your crew on a family vacation of camping? Not only is it adventurous, it’s budget friendly, too. There are recreational stores where you can rent a tent alongside other camping gear if you don’t own them.

Taking a cooking class together would also be a something fun to do together, and you could take your new culinary talents home to use again!

4 Family-Friendly Spring Break Staycation Ideas | Direct Energy Blog

3. Tour Your Own Town

How many of us have actually visited the monuments in our own cities and towns? A staycation is the perfect time to be a tourist right at home.

Pick three, and take a vote on which one you’ll visit. Pack a picnic lunch to save a few dollars on buying food and enjoy learning about the settlers, the geography, and the traditions and history of the area in which you live.

What will be your local spring break destination?

4. Have a Sunset Dinner

Check the weather report, and pick a day to head out with a picnic dinner to watch the sunset. Find a place in your area where there aren’t trees crowding you in, and that lends itself to a beautiful view. Perhaps a place with a playground would entertain your little one, and if you’re a musician, then bring along your instrument!

Plan ahead and make a meal that can be served cold, such as a cold pasta salad with fresh fruit.

You could even bring a few chocolates and a thermos of hot tea to enjoy after dinner is done. Don’t forget the quilt to have your picnic on!


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