4 Easy Meals to Enjoy during the First Week in Your New Home

4 Easy Meals to Enjoy during the First Week in Your New Home
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When moving day finally arrives, you’re so focused on the process of moving that you probably don’t even remember where you’re moving. You understand that somewhere in the future there will be chores like cleaning the house, setting up the beds and unpacking the boxes, but those chores can be accomplished in the days and weeks ahead.

One task can’t wait that long, though – what is your family going to eat? While your family can wait a month or so to put the final books on the bookshelf, they’re going to need to eat. And soon.

Why not make a home-cooked meal?

Many people deal with this situation by ordering pizza or taking the family out to a restaurant, but there’s no reason you can’t celebrate your first night in your new home with a real home-cooked meal; you’ll even save a little money while you’re at it. Make sure you pack your pots and utensils in an easily identifiable box when you move so you can find them quickly and then use them to make any of these quick meals.

  1. Soup or stew. When it comes to easy meals, nothing beats soup or stew. All you need is a pot, some bowls and you’re ready to go. So get out, gather the ingredients you need and enjoy any of these simple soup recipes.
  1. Stir-fry. If you can’t find your soup pot, but your pan or wok is readily available, opt for a stir-fry instead. You’ll need a knife and a place to cut vegetables, but these easy, delicious recipes disguise how simple they are to create.
  1. Casseroles. Like soup, a casserole is also a great easy meal option because it requires only one pot to create. A great casserole hits that perfect spot in your family’s stomachs, especially if you’ve just moved to a colder location. Try these recipes to instantly give your home that cozy feeling.
  1. Pasta. If you can find your soup pot, you also have the option to serve your family delicious pasta for their first meal in the new home. Set the noodles to a boil and pick up some sauce at the store. You can also add some chicken, bread or vegetables if you want to make your pasta more amazing and you can find all the utensils you need. Take a look at these recipes to find the one that fits your style and your tools.

Not all easy meals come from a to-go box. If you can find a pot and a couple of utensils, there’s no reason you can’t prepare a warm, home-cooked meal for your family on the first few nights in your new place. Doing so will help it feel like home even sooner.

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