3 Fun and Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Crafts for Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for people of all ages. Those in romantic relationships enjoy the special opportunity to have special dates while exchanging small gifts. For children, this can be a time to enjoy sweets and innocently express love for nearly everyone in life. Children get to enjoy giving Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in their elementary school classrooms, as well as participating in fun-loving holiday crafts. Celebrate an afternoon of delight with your kids with these 3 fun and inexpensive Valentine’s Day crafts.

1) Heart Shaped Bird Feeder

3 Fun and Inexpensive Valentine's Day Crafts for Your KidsThese bird feeders can be strung up on branches outside so children can watch the birds enjoy their creation. All they need is bird seed, a heart shaped mold, some string, and Knox gelatin. The adult will dissolve the gelatin in water and bring the mixture to a simmer. Then they will mix in the bird seed until it is evenly combined. Have children help press the mixture into the heart shaped mold and place the string at the top. Allow the creation to cool, then release it from the mold and hang it outside for the birds.

2) Valentine’s Day Doormat

3 Fun and Inexpensive Valentine's Day Crafts for Your KidsThis personalized craft is a perfect idea for parents who aren’t afraid to let the kids get a little messy. Kids will love making something that can be used around the house. Having their own doormat might even help remind them to wipe the feet before tearing through the door!

First, locate some scrap carpet samples (which are sometimes free from local hardware stores), foam heart stamps, and different colors of acrylic paints. Stamps can typically either be purchased from a local craft store or made by hand by cutting out heart-shaped pieces of foam and attaching them to wooden blocks. Once everything is prepared, the children can put paint on the stamps and press them hard into the carpet. For very young children, an adult may need to help to make sure the stamp is pushed hard enough. Gaps after the stamp is lifted can be filled in with a paintbrush.

3) Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

3 Fun and Inexpensive Valentine's Day Crafts for Your KidsChildren will be proud to display this decoration, which will stand out well against a front door. You only need a pencil, a Styrofoam heart, glue, and strips of fabric cut into two inch squares. This craft is best for more elementary school aged children than younger children who may need more help.

Take a square of cloth and place the tip of the pencil in the middle, as though it is being stabbed. Dip this pointed area in the glue and stick it on the heart. Continue this process until the entire heart is covered. When the cloth is stuck to the heart, it should maintain the shape it had when it was pulled over the pencil. Once the wreath is completed, give it time to dry, then tie a ribbon around it and hang it somewhere in the home. This project can be done with nearly any color of fabric, so display a bit of creativity by using a variety of colors!

Crafts are a fantastic way to celebrate any holiday with your kids, as they give them a chance to display their talents and create something they can be proud of. Hopefully, you can use these 3 ideas for fun and inexpensive Valentine’s Day craft ideas to enjoy a wonderful time with your children.

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