For 20-Somethings on a Budget, Keeping Cool Requires Creativity: Another Texas Tale

For 20-Somethings on a Budget, Keeping Cool Requires Creativity: Another Texas Tale

For Danny, some days are just too hot to stay indoors. This August, his Dallas apartment has seen too many of them, and his window air conditioning unit just isn’t cutting it. “When it gets this hot, I just gotta get out of here,” he says with a glance around his place.

Tonight, he’s planning to go out with some friends, fellow 20-somethings fresh out of college who have learned it’s much more difficult to balance food, entertainment, insurance, and energy bills than their parents made it seems. So they spend their nights keeping cool at locations, trying to not spend a lot of money.

On this evening, they’re headed to a restaurant. But before Danny goes, he has a ritual he follows to keep the house comfy and lessen his energy low.

He starts by pulling the blinds closed on his windows. Danny’s apartment only has three, but he notices a dramatic drop in temperature when the blinds are closed. From there, he walks around his house and unplugs his electronics.

“I used to think just shutting them off was enough,” he says. “I didn’t know some of them actually still suck juice even when they’re off.”

Unplugging these vampire electronics, as they’re called, won’t keep his home cooler, but it saves him money that he can use to fund his air conditioning.

After turning off all the lights, he considers starting his unit’s dishwasher, but he decides to wait until he gets home. After all, it’s only 4:30pm – still peak hours.

The last thing he does is turn the dial his air conditioner to 82 degrees. Since he won’t be home, there’s no reason to run the air conditioner just to cool empty space.

“Besides, my electricity bill needs a break every now and then – just like me,” he says before closing the door and heading off to enjoy the night in a much more comfortable location.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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