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Pick the 2014 March Madness Winner and Win a Gift Card

It’s been a rather raucous March Madness this year, with brackets busted early and often. Thankfully, we’ve also enjoyed some rather thrilling games. There’s just something about the nature of this winner-takes-all tournament that gets us excited. So, with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game happening today, we want to pass on this enthusiasm to [&hellip

Couple Paying Bills

Learning About Key Documents with Your Electricity Choice

Even with the advent of electricity deregulation in several states, not everyone understands the power that customers  have in terms of their electricity choice. So, if you’re thinking about selecting a new electricity provider or energy plan for your home, you need to understand the basics when it comes to choosing what’s right for you [&hellip


Direct Energy presents a $2,500 Reduce Your Use For Good grant to Interfaith Caring Ministries

Direct Energy has presented a $2,500 Reduce Your Use For Good grant to Interfaith Caring Ministries.  The grant is part of Direct Energy’s Reduce Your Use For Good program, which has awarded 61 grants totaling $152,500 to nonprofits in North America since its inception in 2012. Through the Reduce Your Use For Good program, Direct [&hellip


Busting Myths about Texas Electricity Deregulation

Understanding electricity deregulation can be quite confusing, so we wanted to take some time to bust a few myths about how deregulation works in Texas so that you can be an informed consumer who’s able to take advantage of your power to choose from the available Texas electricity providers. What is energy deregulation? This is [&hellip