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5 Healthy Christmas Dessert Recipes

It is notoriously easy to gain weight during the holiday season (tracing all the way back to Halloween). The decadent desserts that line the table at the variety of holiday parties throughout the season make nearly any diet plan impossible. Finding Christmas dessert recipes that actually add some nutritional value and do not pack on [&hellip


5 Creative Yet Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time for celebrating with friends and family while exchanging gifts. Although everyone appreciates receiving thoughtful gifts, sometimes the cost associated with buying gifts for everyone on the list can be intimidating and can quickly become quite expensive. It is important to find something that each person will enjoy, but when working on [&hellip

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3 Ideas for Green Decorating for the Holidays!

“I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas…” I’m guessing that my tone-deaf adaptation of “White Christmas” has Irving Berlin rolling in his grave. Along with spending time with friends and family, the holiday season is known as a time of conspicuous consumption (to include cookies and eggnog), so let’s take a few minutes to embrace some [&hellip

Snow Covered Home in Winter Weather

Your Home Preparedness Checklist for Real Winter Weather

You’ve already felt the cold and seen the snow falling, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for preparing your home for real winter weather. Luckily, there are two phases for effective winterizing: air sealing and insulation - and this handy home preparedness checklist will assist you with those efforts. Air Sealing: Basically, you want to [&hellip

Snow Covered Home in Winter Weather

Winter Storm Cleon is Heading Our Way!

It looks like extreme cold weather and freezing temperatures in the form of Winter Storm Cleon are making their way through the South and the Midwest beginning today! We encourage all our customers to stay informed and learn how to prepare for the cold weather. Please be sure to check for live updates on Winter [&hellip