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Introducing the Heating & Cooling Repair Essentials Plan for Pennsylvania

After an extra-cold winter that saw long stretches of below-average low temperatures create above-average electricity bills, Direct Energy wants to provide Pennsylvania residents the chance to save money with proper home maintenance and affordable rates for your electricity. Thus, we’re excited to introduce the Heating & Cooling Repair Essentials Plan to the Keystone State! Now [&hellip

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Home Improvement Projects to Prepare Your Home for Spring

This past winter was harsh, and it certainly showed in your home’s energy bill. Fortunately, now you can take advantage of nicer weather to do some important home improvement projects to prepare your home for spring. Why? Because all that golden sunshine turns into summertime heat, humidity, and high energy bills. April Showers The problem [&hellip

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Problem Areas can Lead to High Home Energy Bills

Maintaining a household is a big investment, and your energy bills can be among your biggest monthly expenses. But if you know where to look, there are many things you can do around your home that will reduce energy usage and help you save money. Dave Walton, Director of Home Ideas at Direct Energy, says [&hellip

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Energy Zombies: The Walking Dead Electricity Bill

With Halloween in the air, Chunk and Rita Shambles — the Energy Zombies — have decided it’s the perfect time to creep out of hibernation and into your home to eat up all of your electricity! Don’t fall victim to the perils of The Walking Dead Electricity Bill! Every time you leave electronics around your [&hellip

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Heat Your Home without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Each year when temperatures start to drop, we start thinking about a “fall and winter to-do list.” This typically includes tasks like checking your furnace, installing your winter tires, prepping your shovels, and purchasing new boots. However, one thing homeowners often don’t realize is that the arrival of winter is not the time to complete [&hellip