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5 DIY Eco-friendly Products for Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us, and for many of us, it brings the inevitable job of spring cleaning. This year, instead of heading to the store to buy environmentally unfriendly cleaning products, save that money and the earth by making your own cleaning products. Here are 5 DIY eco-friendly products to make for spring cleaning. 1) [&hellip

Direct Energy Celebrates 1st Solar Customer BJs 2

Direct Energy Celebrates 1st Solar Customer – BJ’s Wholesale Club

Direct Energy Business prides itself on “Making Businesses Better,” and that’s just what its recent partnership with SolarCity aims to do. In Fall 2013, Direct Energy and SolarCity created a dedicated investment fund capable of financing up to $124 million in solar projects for Direct Energy’s commercial and industrial customers. The result? Direct Energy had [&hellip